10 Steps to a Great Countertop Install

New countertops are one of the most exciting and dramatic improvements you can make in your home. This list will help guide you through the most important aspects of purchasing countertops.

Choose an Artisan Group Member in Your Area

Visit the member directory at www.Artisan-Counters.com to see if there's an Artisan Group fabricator in your area. Artisan Group fabricators employ talented and experienced professionals to help with all your countertop needs. If there is not an Artisan Group member in your area, you can rely on the services of an interior designer. You can find help with your project at regional chains, boutique design shops and specialty furniture stores. Take this time to build a good rapport with your Artisan Group fabricator or interior designer. Clear communication is important, as this person needs to be able to understand your ideas and act as your representative to keep the project on track.

Research and Ask Questions

New materials, colors and various product offerings are introduced to the market every year. Each has specific features, benefits and limitations. Talk with your stone representative about what qualities are most important to you in a countertop and decide which material is best suited to your needs.

Stay Ahead of the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two busiest times of year for countertop installations. If you'd like to show off your brand new kitchen to friends and family, try to follow a construction schedule that will allow you to have your countertops installed by late October or early November. Artisan Group fabricators will do everything they can to meet your schedule.

Review a Pre-Template Checklist

When you place an order with an Artisan Group fabricator or interior designer, a pre-template checklist is created. By following a checklist, you, your Artisan representative, designer or builder will know exactly what is needed in order to fabricate the counters to your specifications and install them on time. A checklist also helps you think about all the little details you may have overlooked.

Choose the Right Sink and Faucet First

Sinks and faucets are often chosen as afterthoughts at the end of the design process but should be one of the first things to consider since your counters are designed and fabricated around sinks, appliances and fixtures. Sinks and faucets that are missing or incompatible with each other and their base cabinet are the cause of most avoidable delays. Discuss the type of sink, fixtures and appliances that will be installed. Some reconstruction or modifications of cabinetry and base cabinet may be needed.

Have Appliances On Site for Templating

Along with sinks and faucets, missing appliances are the cause of many delays and fabrication issues. Having stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators on site for templating will make for a better, more precise template and therefore your countertops will be fabricated with the highest quality control and the best fit possible.

Be Present for Templating

Before your countertops are fabricated, a visit to your home will be scheduled to make a template or pattern that will be used to fabricate your countertops. It is important that you are present on site for the templating process. Templating is really the final stage of the design process when all of the details need to be finalized. By attending the templating session, you help ensure the finished product will be built the way you want it with minimal delays and miscommunication.

Follow Up on Post-Template Issues

Once templating is completed, your Artisan Group fabricator prefers to get started on fabricating your countertops right away. Often times, we discover issues at templating that need to be addressed before fabrication can begin. Make sure you understand what steps need to be taken to get your site ready for installation.

Be Present for Installation

By the time your countertops are ready for installation, all of the details regarding your job should be known. Just in case they aren't, we recommend you or someone you trust are available at the time of installation to make decisions. This is also a great time to talk with our installers about the care and maintenance of your new counters.

Enjoy the Process!

Everyone involved with your countertops understands that home construction and renovation can be a stressful experience. Try to keep in mind that in the end, you will have created something that will be a source of joy and pride for many years to come.