Wilsonart Solid Surfaces

The Wilsonart Advantage

Wilsonart Solid Surface countertops serve up seamless, non-porous and hygienic performance ideal for retail, healthcare and foodservice interiors. As a renewable and repairable surface, you can relish in the ease of day-to-day maintenance and long-lasting durability.


Wilsonart solid surfaces are made of all-acrylic material, so they're very durable and long lasting compared to other surfaces. Wilsonart solid surfaces are the perfect choice for active households or commercial environments that are subjected to more wear and tear.

Color Options

The Wilsonart countertops shown here are a representation of the more than 60 colors in the Wilsonart collection.

NSF Compliant

Because of their hygienic qualities, Wilsonart surfaces are certified safe for direct contact with food – a perfect choice for any kind of food contact application.

Easy to Clean

Wilsonart surfaces are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. To keep your countertop looking new, just wipe with a damp cloth or sponge. Food residue can be easily removed with a mild detergent or glass cleaner.

Easy to Integrate

Wilsonart surfaces are installed with inconspicuous seams. This means your Wilsonart surface can be smoothly integrated, including backsplashes and sinks to form a one-piece system.


Because Wilsonart surfaces are non-porous, they are impervious to moisture, making them highly resistant to bacterial growth. This also makes them highly stain resistant.

Color Group A

  • Antique White 1572sl
  • Designer White D354sl
  • Frosty White 1573sl

Color Group B

  • Beige Tempest 1530tm
  • Black Onyx Mirage 9092mg
  • Burnt Amber Mirage 9040mg
  • Cashmere Mirage 9135mg
  • Chai Cream Mirage 9111mg
  • Frosty White Mirage 1573mg
  • Khaki Brown Tempest D50tm
  • Light Beige Mirage 1531mg
  • Marzipan Mirage 9130mg
  • Pearl Mirage 9199mg
  • Raven Mirage D426mg
  • Steel Grey Tempest 9194tm

Color Group C

  • Arctic Melange 9070ml
  • Avalanche Melange 9175ml
  • Baja Melange 9030ml
  • Capers 9063gg
  • Caramel Melange 9033ml
  • Chicory Cream Melange 9047ml
  • Coconut Oil 9100gs
  • French Blue Melange 9024ml
  • Indigo Melange 9027ml
  • Midnight Melange 9091ml
  • Milk Glass Spectra 9077st
  • Northern Melange 9195ml
  • Oatmeal 9101gs
  • Quarry Melange 9041ml
  • Soothing Grey 9116gs
  • Zen Grey 9115gs

Color Group D

  • Blanco Riverstone 9137rs
  • Bluff Riverstone 9043rs
  • Moon Geyser
  • San Gabriel Riverstone 9138rs
  • Sandy Riverstone 9197rs
  • Sienna Riverstone 9148rs
  • Yukon Riverstone 9196rs

Color Group E

  • Asteroid
  • Bluestone 9074ea
  • Champagne Ice
  • Chipped Chocolate 9104cs
  • Clouded 9107cs
  • Desert Ice
  • Dusk Ice 9203ce
  • Europa
  • Flint Rock
  • Garnet Glitz 9109cs
  • Gold Glitz 9108cs
  • Jovian
  • Maple Harvest 9106cs
  • Morning Ice
  • Mystique 9200cs
  • Night Stars 9105cs
  • Orion S Belt
  • Paris Fog 9110cs
  • Pebble 9036ea
  • Sea Stone 9202cs
  • Sonata Chocolate 9144sn
  • White Stone
  • Whitewater