Choosing the Right Sink and Faucet

Feb 13th, 2009 | By Bangor Laminates | Category: featured articles

Believe it or not, most problems that arise during countertop fabrication and installation come from issues related to sinks and faucets. The good news is that most of these problems can be avoided with a little planning and research. Here are the most important things to watch out for.

The Sink is Too Big for the Base Cabinet

One trend we’ve seen over the years is a growing demand for very large sinks. Understandably so – they are extremely functional and make cleaning large amounts of dishes very easy. If you want that huge bathtub for a sink, go for it. Just make sure the base cabinet is big enough to accommodate it. In some cases it may be necessary for us to remove wood from your cabinets to install the sink.

The Trouble With “D” Shape Bowls

“D” shaped bowls are very popular with people who want a simple, single bowl sink. Be aware that these bowls are very deep from the front to the back. Often times, there is not enough room between the backsplash and sink for a faucet to go directly behind the sink. If you decide to use a “D” shape bowl, be aware that you may have to place the faucet on the corner or sacrifice using backsplash. Of course if your sink is installed in a corner, you have much more flexibility with faucet placement.

The Sink and Faucet Don’t Work Together

There are several types of basic sink shapes available today. Some allow for many choices in faucet and spray configurations and others only a few – or one.

Faucet Drilling Guidelines

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